Classroom Pet

Señor Pez

Our class pet is a betta fish, and his name is Señor Pez.  In Spanish, pez means fish.  So, since Mr. Riedl collects Pez dispensers, it has been the perfect name!

Adopted: December 2023

Mr. Riedl always names the class betta fish "Pez" and this fish is the seventh (VII) in a long line of fish in our classroom.

Algae (Al) - moved away

To help control the algae invasion in the fish tank, Señor Pez recruited some help. Al (short for Algae) is a bristlenose pleco who is a bottom feeder and eats the algae. He is a nocturnal fish, so you won't often see him swimming around during the day since he is usually awake at night. 

Adopted: August 2022 and moved away October 2023

☠️ Classroom Pet Memorial ☠️

Señor Pez VI

Algae (Al) II

Algae (Al)

Señor Pez V

Señor Pez "Jr." IV

"Pequeño" Pez III

"Señora" Pez II

Señor Pez