Classroom Pet

Señor Pez V

Our class pet is a betta fish, and his name is Señor Pez. In Spanish, pez means fish. So, since Mr. Riedl collects Pez dispensers, it has been the perfect name!

Adopted: January 2019

I always name our class fish "Pez" and he is the fifth (V) class pet I've had in my classroom. Scroll down to see the memorial of our previous class pets...

☠️ Classroom Pet Cemetery ☠️

Señor Pez "Jr." IV

  • Adopted: Dec 2015

  • Deceased: Nov 2018

"Pequeño" Pez III

  • Adopted: Mar 2015

  • Deceased: May 2015

"Señora" Pez II

  • Adopted: Feb 2014

  • Deceased: Dec 2014

Señor Pez

  • Adopted: Mar 2013

  • Deceased: Jan 2014