Classroom Pet

Señor Pez

Our class pet is a betta fish, and his name is Señor Pez. In Spanish, pez means fish. So, since Mr. Riedl collects Pez dispensers, it has been the perfect name!

Adopted: April 2021

Mr. Riedl always names the class fish "Pez" and this fish is the sixth (VI) in our classroom. Scroll down to see the memorial of our previous class pets...

☠️ Classroom Pet Cemetery ☠️

Señor Pez V

  • Adopted: Jan 2019

  • Deceased: Jul 2020

Señor Pez "Jr." IV

  • Adopted: Dec 2015

  • Deceased: Nov 2018

"Pequeño" Pez III

  • Adopted: Mar 2015

  • Deceased: May 2015

"Señora" Pez II

  • Adopted: Feb 2014

  • Deceased: Dec 2014

Señor Pez

  • Adopted: Mar 2013

  • Deceased: Jan 2014