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College directory photo in 2003

When I was younger, I made myself into a dispenser!

Pez Collection Selfie in 2015

I keep detailed records on PezBase

My collection totaled 732 dispensers in 2015

My students helped me get past 1,000 in 2018

I have been collecting Pez dispensers since I was in 7th grade. It all started when I wanted to give a few little gifts to my good friends for Valentine's Day. After purchasing a different Looney Tunes dispenser for each one of my friends, I thought it would be fun to have the entire Looney Tunes series for myself too. Then the Mickey Mouse Disney series. Then the Star Wars series. Eventually, I was hooked.

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I keep detailed records of all of my Pez dispensers by using an online Pez database called PezBase. This website categorizes the collectibles into two groups: traditional and non-traditional dispensers. Traditional dispensers are the typical Pez candy dispensers that are sold in most stores. The non-traditional dispensers category is everything else: keychains, fuzzy animals, giant dispensers, and other toys. Feel free to click the images below to browse through my collection!

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  • On a computer: Use Ctrl+F
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