View Grades >> Student grades are found online at StudentVUE or ParentVUE.

Grading Policy

Most assignments and quizzes in my classes are worth 10 points each. Tests are usually worth 25 points.

Grades are posted/updated in StudentVUE weekly.

If students complete missing work or revise an assignment, they must tell me they finished it, either in person, chat in Clever, or email (click here for how to email). Then I will update their grade in StudentVUE within the next week.

How to View Grades

StudentVUE is how students can view their grades and assignments. Select the Gradebook section, then the school subject to see the grade for that class. Any missing work will be indicated with the work "Missing" next to the assignment.

ParentVUE is how parents/guardians can view their child's grades and assignments.

Need help accessing ParentVUE or StudentVUE? CLICK HERE

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Progress Reports are given to students in the middle of each quarter. These are given to students in Advisory class, and students are expected to bring them home to show their family. The Progress Report is a snapshot of student grades for each class so far in the quarter. There is still time for students to turn in the assignments they are missing! If students have low grades, then usually they just need to complete missing work.

Report Cards are mailed to families at the end of each quarter. They show the final grades for each class. Students cannot turn in missing assignments at this time, because it is too late to change the grade.

If you have questions about Progress Reports or Report Cards, please contact Mr. Riedl.