How To Email A Teacher

Step 1) Open the Outlook app on your iPad (Click here for how to set up Outlook)

If using a laptop, go to

Step 2) Sign in with your Microsoft StudentID email address ( and password.

Step 3) Click on the pencil icon to write a new email (or select "New Message" on laptop).

Step 4) Write a respectful email.

Writing an email to a teacher is different than writing one to a friend. Since a teacher is an authority figure and is one who expects you treat them with respect in person, they also expect their students and family members to send an email written with respect as well. So, this is a guide to help you know how to write an email to your teacher.

To: Type email address of the teacher (Mr. Riedl's email address is

Cc/Bcc: Leave this blank.

Subject: Make it short and use keywords.

For example, if your email is about your Science missing work, then write "Science Missing Work " for the subject. Don't write "Hi" or "Sup."

Greeting of email: Start with a proper greeting.

Write "Hi Mr. Riedl," or "Good morning, Mr. Riedl," as if you were speaking to them in person.

Body of email: The body of the message should contain complete sentences.

Use spellcheck with words that are misspelled (usually identified with a squiggly red underline), do your best with correct punctuation, and avoid texting language (for example: can u plz, lol, thx).

Closing of email: Use a proper closing.

Pick an appropriate ending to your email, such as "Sincerely," "Your student," or something similar, and then write your name.




Subject: My Science Grade

Hi Mr. Riedl,

How are you? I have a question about my Unit 2 Packet

because StudentVUE says it is missing. I didn't find it in the

No Name Basket, but can I redo it so I can improve my

science grade? Thanks very much!


6th Grade Student

EXAMPLE EMAIL FROM STUDENT (this is an actual email from a student):


From: ??????????

Subject: Grade update

Dear Mr.Riedl,

I hope you have had a good day, I am sending this to request

with respect if possible if you could add me to the few or many

that would like a new grade update I hope this is in with enough

time thank you for talking your time to read this 😊I hope you

enjoy your night or day (for whatever time you read this).

Sincerely ????? ????? from 4th period