Photos & Videos

<< Some student photos
Some photos from the classroom are selected to be posted on Mr. Riedl's Instagram account. These are also cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter.
<< All videos
Any videos that Mr. Riedl creates are posted directly to his YouTube Channel.
Google Photos
<< All student photos
All of our classroom photos this year will be posted on Google Photos. An advantage of using Google Photos is that you can download individual photos or entire albums at a time if you want to.

Photos from Previous Years:
2015-2016 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2014-2015 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2013-2014 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2012-2013 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2011-2012 - 8th Grade at Ontario Middle School
2010-2011 - 8th Grade at Walt Morey Middle School
2009-2010 - Student Teaching: 8th Grade at King School
                      & 5th Grade at Lewis Elementary School